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Remi Aiyela

Founder, Speaker Success Academy

Remi Aiyela is a lawyer, turned speaker coach. She began her public speaking journey over 20 years ago after joining the legal profession in the UK, following her divorce. As a woman of colour in a male white dominated field, she soon realised the playing field wasn’t level. She needed to bring something extra to the table to stand out. And that’s when she discovered the power of public speaking and the transformational effect it can have on your career.

Remi describes herself as a Speakologist. You’ve probably never heard that term and that’s because Remi coined it. She feels it encapsulates her personal brand and teaching philosophy. Just like a biologist studies biology, Remi, as a Speakologist, delves into the art and science of speech 📚🎙️. From crafting compelling narratives to delivering them with confidence and impact, her approach emphasises not just the expertise in public speaking but also the blend of its creative and technical facets. It captures the essence of both the artistry and the science behind effective speaking.

Remi has spoken at a wide range of events, from small gatherings to large conferences, delivering keynote speeches, moderating panels, and anchoring events. She has also trained lawyers across the UK, delivering training to over 5,000 legal professionals in that time. Beyond her work in the legal industry, Remi has also appeared as a guest speaker on TV and radio and presented TV programmes. Her natural charisma and ability to connect with audiences have made her a popular choice for media appearances, where she shares her insights on public speaking and communication.

After successfully starting up the Gibraltar Speakers Toastmasters Club, Remi is currently the President of the Achievers Marbella Toastmasters Club where she helps members develop their public speaking skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. She is also a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Spain, which is dedicated to helping speakers improve their craft and reach new audiences.

In addition to her speaking engagements and club leadership roles, Remi is also a passionate writer. She has written books and articles on public speaking and communication. Her soon to be published book, The Public Speaker Toolkit promises to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills, offering practical tips and insights from her years of experience in speaking.

One of Remi's greatest passions is empowering women to become confident leaders. She believes that public speaking is a critical skill for women who want to achieve their goals, whether in an employed leadership role or as an entrepreneur. As a result, she is particularly passionate about speaking at women's events, where she can inspire and equip women to become confident, effective speakers.

If you're looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker for your event, Remi Aiyela is the perfect choice. Her extensive experience and passion for public speaking make her a sought-after speaker and a valuable asset for any event.

HACKS Communication Principles

In an era overwhelmed with superficial connections and digital noise, understanding the core principles that govern genuine human interactions is paramount. This talk deciphers the HACKS Principles - an innovative acronym encapsulating the five golden pillars of effective communication: Honesty, Authenticity, Clarity, Kindness, and Smiling. While each of these might sound familiar, their collective power in revolutionising relationships in both personal and professional spheres is profound and relatively uncharted. This is Remi's most popular talk.

Speak to Lead: The Integral Connection Between Public Speaking and Leadership

This keynote talk explores the fundamental connection between leadership and public speaking and demonstrates that good public speaking skills are essential for leaders to influence, foster trust and enhance the connection with their teams.

Mastering Influence: 7 Key Levers of Persuasion for Effective Leadership

This presentation delves into seven potent principles that every effective leader should utilise for transformational leadership. These levers each play a unique role in shaping a leader's influence and capacity to bring about meaningful change.

NeuroPersuasion: Unlocking the Brain's Power for Impactful Influence

This talk explores the fascinating world of the neuroscience of persuasion and its implication for effective communication. The latest research in neuroscience offers valuable insights into the neural processes that shape persuasion. This knowledge empowers us to communicate more effectively and ethically, increasing the chances of influencing others positively and creating lasting impact.

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